A Unique Vessel



There is a healthy conversation going on now about body image and self-esteem and Chicken Soup for the Soul is part of it. This collection of 101 stories celebrates all different body types that women have and how we can all be curvy and confident – fit and fabulous within the body types we were issued at birth. Supermodel EMME, the world’s first curvy supermodel, an advocate for women and a spokesperson for all the curvy and confident women out there, shares her own story and introduces us to women who have learned to be fit, happy and confident about their bodies. Reading these stories will leave you feeling empowered, beautiful and loving yourself just the way you are.



A Unique Vessel is my contribution to this anthology as it relates to how I came to discover my Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and the struggle to accept this truly unique vessel that contains my soul.

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The Haunting of Hawk's Ridge Hall

I am delighted to announce my new book The Haunting of Hawk's Ridge Hall was published on May 1, 2019 and is available in hardcopy and on Kindle at Amazon.com and Amazon.com

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