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Hi Christopher and welcome to my blog. Let’s learn a few things about you.

Hi Margaret and thank you so much for having me this morning. I haven’t had much coffee yet, so please bear with me?

  1. What genre do you write or do you write more than one?

Under Christopher Davis, I’ve had short crime, western and horror published in both the U.S. and England for a few years…TJ Adams (pen name), is relatively new and has only been around for about a month and a half now, with the acceptance of my first (and very accidental) erotic short story, An Innocent Act.

  1. Why did you choose this genre?

Twenty-five years ago, I wanted to write civil war fiction. Although I did get a piece crossing that era with Sci-Fi published, there doesn’t seem to be a market for it, so westerns became my second choice. Of course there are many more small publishers that will read crime and horror, so I adopted a sort of white-trash style of short crime story that seems to go over well.

Erotica….the jury is still out on that one? I don’t outline very often and as I was feeling out characters, I let the young man telling the story meet one of his neighbors and thought, What if he kind of gets the hots for this older gal?

The story went downhill from there, but it wasn’t a bad story. So I subbed it and got turned down (too short) right away. The editor that read the story insisted that I keep trying to find a home for the story and I did.

  1. What is your latest book?

In the last few weeks, I’ve had two short westerns and one 1930’s prohibition crime era story released in a pair of anthologies Hangmen & Bullets and Dames & Sin both from Dead Guns Press and under Christopher Davis. Those were followed up with An Innocent Act over at Solstice Publishing under TJ Adams.

Although I do not have release dates as of yet, Cinnamon Girl (short story) and a pair of 1930’s prohibition crime novella’s Meet Me in Tulsa and Going Back to Dallas are in editing under my name. I’ve seen the cover for Cinnamon Girl, but am not sure if it’s OK to share as of yet?

An erotic/crime novella Pandora’s Box is also undergoing editing under the name of TJ Adams. I’ve seen the cover for this one also and am really excited to see this one come out.

All are with Solstice Publishing.

  1. When did it release?

The recent anthology stuff was out in late June and An Innocent Act, the 29th of July. The others, I don’t know yet?

  1. Who is your target audience?

That’s always been a tough one for me. The crime stuff probably appeals to guys only and the westerns, an older audience? The horror stories probably have the widest audience and now the erotica…I have no idea as I only have the one short story out for the moment and no reviews or feedback of any sort?

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m probably not the typical male writer and I can guarantee you that if we met on the street…you wouldn’t say “that guy looks like a writer.” I’m not the uber-cool, jazzy hipster sort.

I grew up the son of a half-ass pro rodeo cowboy and like any good son…followed in dads footsteps for a good part of my misspent youth, up through high school anyway.

I’ve always been an avid reader, even back in elementary school and I’ve always enjoyed history. When the other kids were reading Nancy Drew, I was searching out the stories of the Mexican bandits that frequented this part of central California and the lawmen who trailed them.

  1. Do you belong to a writing circle/group?

No. I’m only aware of two within a hundred miles of where I live. I was introduced to some of the folks at the more local group years ago and honestly, they seemed too stuffy or snooty for my taste.

  1. Do you have any new stories on the go?

I have a surreal tragic romance sort of thing Cinnamon Girl coming out soon, along with a pair of 1930’s prohibition era crime novellas Meet Me in Tulsa and Going Back to Dallas all under Christopher Davis and published by Solstice.

Somewhere in there will be an erotic/crime novella Pandora’s Box. The story is really more crime than erotica, but I think it will work out OK and I hope that readers of either genre will enjoy it. This one will also be under Solstice Publishing.

A 100k + western, is being shopped around along with a 60k Las Vegas mob/crime story that I hope to see out next year? And I’m presently working on a 1930’s / 40’s Private Eye story.


Thanks for joining us today Christopher and sharing a bit about  yourself and your work. I wish you every success in your writing career and look forward to reading your work.


Thanks again for having me Margaret and you can find out more at either


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