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Betrayal. Murder. Revenge. Just another day in medieval Italy.

The year is 1377. Angelo Anchioni has served in the Hospitaller Order for fourteen years. Determination, diligence and skill have made him a squire, but he remains unaware of the evil that those closest to him have within them.

Returning home after a long absence, he finds his beloved family has been savagely murdered by the fickle decree of Bernabo Visconti, the lord of Milan and one of the most powerful men in Europe. Enraged, Anchioni sets out on a reckless quest through the deadly and dangerous landscape of 14th century Italy.

As Anchioni and his fellow squire, Stuart Heton, become embroiled in the simmering feud between Visconti and the ruthless English mercenary, Sir John Hawkwood, the young men discover they are ill-equipped to survive for long in a land torn asunder by conflict. Anchioni must pursue vengeance and thus forfeit all he holds dear, or he must become a willing pawn in a violent struggle that may very well redefine the balance of power throughout Christendom.

This week, on my blog, I am interviewing Historical Fiction/Thriller Author, Nickolas Hight. Welcome Nickolas.





  1. What genre do you write or do you write more than one?

I write historical fiction/thrillers set in the latter part of the 14th century. I also have a couple of other projects in the works. The first is a military sci-fi short story collection. The second is a contemporary thriller which will be a collaboration between myself and an old Marine Corps buddy.

  1. Why did you choose this genre?

I’ve always been fascinated with medieval history. Growing up in Germany and traveling around Europe at a young age helped stimulate my interest, I’m sure. I started out with the typical youngster’s eagerness to learn about knights, swords, archery, castles, cruel kings, and crafty peasants. As I got older, gained a bit of perspective, and delved deeper into that very complex — and very violent — world, it remained just as fascinating. It’s much more enjoyable to write about a subject when the research isn’t tedious.

  1. What is your latest book?

My debut novel is titled VENDETTA.

  1. When did it release?

It was released in March 20, 2016.

  1. Who is your target audience?

I think anyone who likes a fast-paced revenge story with an over-the-top villain, a tough, flawed hero, and a vivid setting will enjoy VENDETTA. It’s got all of those, and more. I promise! My wife loved it (I was moderately shocked, and also incredibly relieved).

  1. What do you hope they learn from/like about your work?

My hope is that a reader will be inspired to learn a little more about the time period in which VENDETTA is set, and that engagement begins when reading the cast of characters at the start of the book. Bernabò Visconti was a real man. A terrifyingly real person, who fathered more than 34 children and drove an agenda not dissimilar from individuals during our time who are classified as war criminals. John Hawkwood was also a real person, a master extortionist, crafty diplomat, brilliant field commander, and Visconti’s son-in-law! And these are just two over-the-top characters from a century full of them.

  1.   Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m an Army brat, the youngest of four kids. I grew up in Germany and Colorado. Went to college for a couple of years after high school (Minnesota and Colorado; I swam in Minnesota until an injury ended my season) then joined the Marine Corps in 1991 and served in the infantry until the summer of ‘95. I attended Texas Tech University and majored in Russian Language and Area Studies. I waited tables and tended bar to help supplement the GI Bill. Sometimes I think I spent more time at the restaurant than in class. Some of my professors would agree, I’m sure. In the summer of 2000 I went to Officer Candidate School and was commissioned less than a week after September 11, 2001. I did all sorts of things as a Marine officer, mostly aviation intelligence, but I left active duty in 2007 and moved from San Diego to Seattle. I taught swim lessons and had a personal training business, and joined the Marine Reserves in 2009 and became a logistics officer. My wife and I moved to California in 2009 and the Reserves kept me busy. I did a few mini-deployments and a couple of extended ones. In 2013, I started writing VENDETTA. After a trip to Italy for just about the entire month of October, 2014 (research, of course) I had to do a complete rewrite. I retired from the Marine Corps last year and spent about half of last summer as a wild land fire-fighter in Grand Teton National Park. This year I worked a full fire season there, May-September. Sort of a rolling stone, I guess. Haven’t had much time — or inclination — to gather moss. And no kids. But we do have a couple of great dogs and some chickens.

  1. Do you have any new stories on the go?

I certainly do. I’m working on the sequel to VENDETTA and it’s tentatively titled, END OF DAYS. My plan is to cover 1377-1385, so however many books it takes to cover those eight years is how long I’ll stay in the 14th century.

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Nickolas Hight

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