Flight of the Dragonfly

Mixed Media:  acrylic paint, gesso, cheesecloth, tissue paper, glass beads, ink, pearl buttons 18" x 24" Framed $200

Mixed Media: acrylic paint, gesso, cheesecloth, tissue paper, glass beads, ink, pearl buttons
18″ x 24″ Framed

Animal Totem: Dragonfly

To observe a dragonfly in the sun is to view an insect with glorious, iridescent colours. These colours develop over time and illustrate that with maturity our own true colours will shine. This is part of the dragonfly medicine.

They live in both air and water. In the early stages of their lives – the nymph stage – they live within water, indicating that those with dragonfly medicine are emotional people. As they mature, they take to the air, indicating that those with dragonfly medicine need to learn to balance their emotional side with their rational side. There needs to be both…the emotional and the rational.

The cycle of transformation for the dragonfly from nymph to adult is 2 years. If dragonfly has shown up in your life, this may indicate either the beginning or ending of a 2 year cycle of transformation in your life.

They are only out during the day and require the warmth of the sun, as they are cold-blooded. For those with the totem, time spent outside in the sun near water will be beneficial for the restoration of health and well being.

Again, as with butterfly, dragonfly depicts a time of transformation. By looking to dragonfly, any change can be beautiful, colourful and joyous.

Resource: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

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