Forest Myst

18" x 18" Acrylic Completed April 2013 $300 18″ x 18″
Completed April 2013
Animal Totem: Wolf

Some of the hallmarks of those with wolf medicine are: loyalty, courage, and a keen sense of smell and hearing.

Wolves are very family oriented. The Alpha male and Alpha female often mate for life and pups are conceived in the late winter, with a gestation period of about 2 months. All members of the pack interact with the pups and are playful and tolerant of the little ones. This aspect of wolf medicine teaches faithfulness and respect for family and children.

They are extremely strong and powerful, but rarely do they get into fights. They will often go out of their way to avoid trouble or danger. There is a great degree of discipline within the pack with all members knowing their place. Most often, a look or growl is enough to deter another wolf from being foolish and attacking. This wolf medicine teaches that with discipline you will learn to know yourself as you develop strength and confidence, but you will not have to prove it to anyone else.

Wolves are extremely intelligent. Combined with their keen sense of smell and hearing, they are dangerous predators and highly skilled hunters. This teaches us to listen to our inner voice and intuition, as it will be very strong in those with wolf medicine. This intuition will guard against inappropriate actions and will teach you to steer clear of dangerous situations.

Wolves are also known as great teachers. With their connection to the moon and night, they are said to hold the secrets of knowledge and wisdom. If you have wolf medicine, you may be asked to share your knowledge with others. You may be asked to go on a retreat or to a private place devoid of other humans while you develop your own knowledge from deep within yourself and then be asked to share what you have learned with others when you return.

Resources: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews; Medicine Cards by Jamie Samms

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