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Animal Totem: Rabbit

Rabbit has long been a symbol of fertility and new life. Because it is one of the most common prey animals, Great Spirit has given rabbit the ability to have between 2 and 5 litters per year, with from 3 to 6 babies per litter. Rabbit is associated with Ostara and spring and all the new life that arises at this time of the year. It is also known for its fleetness; its ability to move in leaps and hops; its ability to “freeze” in place; and its ability to hide from its predators. Those people with rabbit as a totem can learn:

• Progress will happen in leaps and hops, rather than a steady stream
• If you are in a competition, learn when to “hide” from your predators. Learn to “hide” your ideas. Avoid giving up to much information before it is necessary.
• Plan in advance.
• Do not box yourself in, but leave yourself a way of escape.
• Think fast and be prepared to change direction when required. It will help you take advantage of opportunities that may present themselves for just a moment before they disappear.
• By being aware of your surroundings and adjusting your plans accordingly, you can have great abundance in your life

Resource: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

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