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12″ x 12″
Completed August 2013

Animal Totem: The Dog

Dogs have served their human companions from the beginning of time, in every culture on the planet. If you are drawn to dog, you too may be drawn to the service of others, such as care giver, rescue worker (both human and animal), service person, or philanthropist. One message from dogs is to ponder deeply the message of service that they bring. How can you help at this time in your life? It may be nothing more than a hug to someone who’s down, but all service done with a loving heart raises the frequency of the planet.

Dogs are natural guardians. In native Canadian culture, dog has been honoured as a guardian of the tribe. They would bark warnings if strangers approached the village. In parts of the world, dog has been used to guard babies while their mothers worked in the fields. In ancient Egypt, Anubis (the dog headed God) was known as the “Guardian of the Scales” to determine if the deceased was worthy of entering the Underworld. He gives protection to the dead in their journey to the afterlife. Dogs will often fight to the death to protect its territory and owner. How are you at defending your own territory? Are your boundaries easy to breech? Can you guard you own heart against negativity and others who would bring you down?

One of the most wonderful assets of our dog companions is the love and loyalty they give to their humans. Stores have been told of dogs that have faithfully guarded the graves of their human companions until they, themselves, had died. Unconditional love is displayed again and again by our furry friends. If dog has shown up ask yourself: Am I being a loyal friend to others? Am I loyal and true to my own Truth? Am I capable of giving and receiving unconditional love?

There are many different breeds of dogs and a deeper study of the qualities of the particular breed to which you are attracted will help determine what it is you need in your life. Perhaps the pup is playful and reminds you that you need to take time to play and not be so serious. Perhaps it likes to be outside which reminds you to take time in nature to replenish your spirit. Try to understand why dog came into your life and what lesson is being offered.

Reference: Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams; Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

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