Midnight Lovers


18″ x 24″

Animal Totem: Lion

Lions are one of the most beautiful and majestic animals on earth. A lion is known as the King of the Jungle for good reason. They have a majestic bearing with great strength and power and are fiercely protective of their territory. They live in groups called Prides. The average Pride has about 15 or so members…three adult males and around a dozen females, plus cubs. Their territory may cover 100 square miles or more.

His courage and strength is very useful in overcoming difficulties. His persistence and tenacity will help you hang in there in times of hardship and despair.

As he is portrayed with majesty and power, call upon Lion if you wish to develop your own leadership abilities. You have the strength and power to delve deeply into your inner core and find your authentic self and then take on a leadership role within your own community.

The females are the hunters of the Pride. They hunt in a pack. This bonding of sisterhood and the need to work together for the good of the whole group is crucial for survival. Since they are not as fast as their prey, co-operation must prevail if they are to eat. Patience and control are also necessary for hunting and this may be an area that needs work in your own life.

Courage, strength, power, authenticity, patience, co-operation – these are all attributes that lion medicine can help us develop and bring into our own lives.

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