Night Guardian

Great Horned Owl 16" X 20"  Framed Completed: February 2013 Great Horned Owl
16″ X 20″ Framed
Completed: February 2013
Not for saleTotem Animal: Owl

The owl is lunar and nocturnal, and its medicine is associated with the mystery of magic, omens, silent wisdom, clairvoyance, astral projection and vision in the night. Traditionally, owl sits in the east, the place of illumination. Owl has acute vision and hearing. It can respond in a fraction of a second to changes in light intensity and its eyes are specifically adapted to detect subtle movements. With this acute eyesight, it can pinpoint the exact location of its prey. Its hearing is just as keen as its eyesight. The ears of the owl are asymmetrical and one ear is usually larger than the other. They are located in different positions on the head, enabling the bird to locate its prey more precisely. The tufts of feathers that are shown on the Great Horned Owl are not really ears. This symbolizes the idea that they are able to hear what is not being said. Thus they are known as a symbol for wisdom, for they can see what others cannot and have keen insight into the motives of others. People with owl medicine are not easily deceived and often know uncomfortable truths about others or their situations. They are able to see what is hidden, perceive what is in the shadows and are linked to clairaudience and clairvoyance.

References: Ted Andrews – Animal Speak; Jamie Samms – Medicine Cards

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