Safe Harbour

Swan web

18″ x 24″ Framed
Mixed Media (Acrylic, tissue paper, gesso, feathers)

Animal Totem: Swan

Keynote: Awakening to the true beauty and power of self.

Swan teaches us to gracefully surrender to Great Mystery and the journey we take in this life. As swan was transformed from the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan; so we to, if we accept her example, transform to a beautiful intuitive state of being and a greater sense of oneness with all creation. As we are called to grow in our understanding of All That Is, gracefully surrendering to the path will bring us to new depths of discernment and trust.

The neck of the swan is a long, graceful curve and connects the head (representing the upper realms) to the body (representing the lower realms). As we grow in perception, this enables us to “bridge” our inner beauty and knowledge to the outer realms. We begin to appreciate our own beauty and the beauty of others, regardless of outward appearances.

Swan loves the cold. She will be found in colder climates and has an affinity to the direction of North. “North” in the Seneca tradition is the place of spiritual wisdom, strength, healing, the dreamtime, the element of earth, and the place of the white buffalo and moose. If we are called by Swan, these symbols of the North should be examined as well.

Swans are sacred to Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. They mate for life, are devoted parents and can live as long as 80 years. They are also extremely strong. These attributes tell us about the power and strength of love. Opening our hearts to Love will keep us strong as we share that love to bring peace and beauty to our universe.

Reference: Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams; Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

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