Silent Sentinel

Silent Sentinel 16" x 20" Framed Completed:  March 2013 $300

Silent Sentinel
16″ x 20″ Framed
Completed: March 2013

Totem Animal: Panther

Animal Totem: Panther

Panther is associated with jaguar/leopard medicine. The Black Panther is a lunar symbol. They are usually solitary and are most comfortable in their marked territory. They are quiet when on the hunt and people with this totem should pursue their goals in silence, rather than speaking too quickly or too much and spoiling the effectiveness of their task. They are excellent sprinters but not good at long distance running, thus people with this totem should learn to pace themselves interspersing times of rest and play on any given task.

As with all cats, they have binocular vision, each eye working singly, providing greater depth perception, magnifying images and facilitating judgement of distances. People who align themselves with panther will begin to develop greater depth of vision regarding their life and those around them. A deep inner knowing.

Panther also has a keen sense of hearing and those with panther as their totem can develop the gift of clairaudience. The hairs of the panther are extremely sensitive, especially those of the face. People with panther as their totem should pay attention to how they feel when they touch someone or someone touches them.

When panther enters your life it is a time of heightened sensuality and passion. The Black Panther is a symbol of the feminine, the dark mother, and the dark of the moon. The Black Panther teaches us about the dark, death and the power of them thus eliminating our fear of darkness and death.

The keynote of the Black Panther is reclaiming one’s own power.

References: Ted Andrews – Animal Speak

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