Wind Rider

Wind Rider

Wind Rider

Animal Totem: Horse

Horse is a symbol of power and freedom. For many years, in First Nation’s culture, horse has enabled the Shaman to fly to other worlds as they seek answers. In the early years of human inhabitation on this planet, man could only go where he could walk. This did not allow him much interaction with other places and people. When horse allowed humans to ride on his back, distances became shorter and Man had greater freedom to explore the world beyond his immediate location. He was also able to carry heavier loads and thus could bring goods for giveaways, gifts and trading to others.

If you feel the pull of horse in your life, perhaps it is time to unleash your power. Along with great power, comes great responsibility. Power should always be wielded with compassion, caring, teaching, loving, along with the sharing of your own personal gifts and talents. Power should never be wielded with an autocratic and destructive hand. Use your power for good to bring light and love to the world.

It also may be the time for you to find more personal freedom in your life. Explore areas of interest to you. Fly to the otherworld to receive the gifts that your helpers there have for you. Discover new cultures of the world and integrate those teachings that are meaningful to you to enrich your life and those to whom you serve.

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