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When I was a child I read a wonderful book entitled Artie and the Princess. Since then dragons have become one of my favourite Beings, so I wrote two stories about Peabody, a young dragon who learns some valuable lessons in his home town of Pirate’s Cove. These stories are published in Bedtime Treasures along with stories about Myrtle the Turtle, Mandy the kitten and other interesting characters who populate the pages. The book concludes with an original poem “Grandmother Moon” to help little ones as they go to sleep

Throughout my life’s journey I have been assisted by many books I have read on growing as a soul. While searching for books for kids and preteens to help them through some of their difficult times, I couldn’t find many that had a pagan/new age/earth Mother theme. Thus, the Emma and Charlie series was born.

The Mysterious Door is an introduction to Emma and Charlie and the animal guides they choose once they have entered the other world. It was actually taken from the first meditation I did in a Celtic Shamanism course.

In the second book in the series, The Crystal Grove, Emma has a problem with a boy and some jealous girls at school. Charlie suggests they travel back to the other world to see if their friends could help. Once there, their guides send them to meet Quan Yin in her crystal grove. Here she shows them who they really are and gives them the confidence to face the girls at school.

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