Bedtime Treasures

Bedtime Treasures is a compilation of 8 short stories and a poem suitable for young children

Bedtime Treasures is a compilation of 8 short stories and a poem suitable for young children.


Bedtime Treasures is a fully illustrated, colourful collection of 8 short stories and a poem that will capture your child’s imagination, while gently sharing valuable life lessons.

• Tag along with Myrtle as she deals with a bully and discovers what friendship really means
• Read how the beautiful peach tree learns about jealousy and being the best she can be
• Listen as David begins to understand what beauty and harmony are all about
• Read the old legend of the Spring Goddess, Ostara and her companion, a rabbit
• Join Mandy as she travels on her great adventure and finds that she just needs to be herself to have friends
• Follow Peabody, the dragon and find out why he is so sad and then join him as he and his friends face their fears in the Fearsome Phantom of Pirate’s Cove
• Cheer on Elliott, the Christmas Star as he finally accepts himself for who he is

The poem, Goodnight Grandmother Moon will soothe your child to sleep with sweet dreams and happy smiles.

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