The Mysterious Door

The first book in the Emma and Charlie series. Suitable for preteens.

The first book in the Charlie & Emma series

Join Emma and Charlie, who are BFFs, on their incredible adventure to another world.

While practicing in Emma’s backyard for the school baseball team, Charlie hits a ball into the woods. When Emma searches for it, she finds an old oak tree that is very unusual. Calling Charlie, she asks if he notices anything different about the tree. “Oh, my gosh,” he says. “Do you mean the door?” “Okay, so you do see it. I thought I was seeing things,” replies Emma.

From that moment on their lives change as they approach the door, open it and enter a totally new world. They meet talking flowers, Pip, a Leprechaun, the Hunter and many animals, including their Animal Guides as they journey through a small portion of the Otherworld and run into a tricky problem on their way back home.

The book also leaves us with a few questions. Will the door be there the next time they wish it to be? Who is the caretaker of the tree? Where will their next visit take them? Why don’t some of the animals like them?


Available now on Amazon

Also available as both a trade paperback and an ebook from my Canadian Publisher, Soul Asylum Poetry. Click on the appropriate link:  Trade Paperback  eBook

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