Excerpt from the Mysterious door

Chapter Two

“What’s the matter, Charlie?” Emma asked.

“We wanted to practice baseball, today, and it’s so beautiful outside. I really, really want play now for awhile. Do you think your Mom will let us?” answered Charlie.

“I know what you mean. I want to go outside too. Let’s ask,” said Emma.

The two ran off to find Emma’s Mom.

“Momma, it’s such a lovely day outside, can we please, please, please go out and play for awhile?” asked Emma. “We need to practice our baseball before the season starts.”

“Have you done all your homework?” she asked.

“Well, not quite, but we’re almost done,” replied Emma. “We did some before we left school and I promise, we’ll finish it before supper. Just for a little while.”

“Ok,” she replied. “It is a lovely day and it would be good for you to go outside and get some fresh air. Just for a little while though, so don’t be too long.”

“Thanks, Momma,” said Emma.

“Thanks, Mrs. O’Connor,” said Charlie.

Charlie and Emma ran through the kitchen and out the back door.

Charlie picked up his glove, a baseball and a bat that were lying on the back porch. Emma picked up her glove. They jumped down the stairs and ran into the backyard. They threw the ball back and forth for awhile to get warmed up. Charlie picked up the bat. Emma pitched the ball and he whacked it way over Emma’s head. The ball went flying into the forest. Emma ran into the woods and found it at the base of an old Oak tree. She didn’t remember seeing that particular tree before and was very curious about it. It was tall, gnarled and had mushrooms growing out of some places in the bark. She started to circle the tree to get a better look.

“Charlie. Charlie, come here quickly.”

Charlie ran as fast as he could to the tree.

“Emma, what’s the matter?”

“Look! Do you see what I see?” asked Emma excitedly.

Charlie looked at the tree. His eyes grew big and round.

“Oh, my gosh!” he said. “You mean the door?”

“Okay, so you do see it. I thought I was seeing things.”

Slowly, they began to walk around the tree. They stopped and looked towards Emma’s backyard. Everything looked very normal. They turned and looked at the tree. There was nothing unusual about it from this angle.

They started to circle again. As they came around to the back of the tree, sure enough, there was a door. They rubbed their eyes. The door was still there. It was a wooden door. The type that you might find in a castle, with slats going up and down and a big wooden X on the front of them. It had a large round metal door knocker with a big metal latch and key hole. Around the outside of the door was a twisted rope edging that looked like it was made from thick vines. To the left of the door was an arched window made of stained glass with the picture of a dragon in it. A little higher and to the left of the window, was a small chimney pipe with a tin cup on top. There were small stone steps leading up to the door and tiny flowers lining the walkway.

It looked magical.

Emma and Charlie looked at each other. They were so scared that the hairs on the back of their necks were standing up. Finally, Charlie spoke.

“I wonder what would happen if we knocked?” he whispered.

Chapter Three

Quietly, they crept up the steps. Using the large door knocker, they banged on the door. Startled at the loud noise, they jumped back.

Nothing. Not a sound.

They knocked again. No one answered.

Charlie wrinkled his forehead in puzzlement. Emma bit her bottom lip. Both were very nervous.

“Knock, knock,” Charlie said.

“This isn’t the time for jokes, Charlie.”

“Knock, knock.”

Emma sighed. “Who’s there?”


“Harry, who?”

“Harry up and open the door!” giggled Charlie.

Emma giggled. Trust Charlie to make her laugh when she was so scared!

“I wonder if it’s locked?” said Emma, her voice in a whisper.

Cautiously, she clicked the latch and the door slowly opened!

They found themselves gazing at a room inside the tree trunk. They looked at each other in surprise. Charlie gave Emma a little push. She stumbled through the door into the room. Charlie went in right after her. They stopped to look around. The door closed quietly behind them.

“Hello,” they called, softly. “Is anyone here?”


“Awesome!” exclaimed Charlie, his face brightening with a huge smile. “Look at this room! I didn’t know anything like this could be in a tree!”

“Me, either,” said Emma, softly. “I wonder who lives here.”

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