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“Come in, Latonia Base…come in Latonia Base. This is Starship Hegira, repeat, this is Hegira. Come in, Latonia.”

Static crackled from the speaker. The lieutenant, bleeding and dying from the injuries he received during the mutiny trembled feebly as he gripped the microphone. Blood soaked his crest feathers; his talons broken and jagged from the hand-to-hand combat in the spaceship’s passageways. He knew his wounds were fatal, but his duty was clear: to report back to base about the failure of the mission. His body tensed as the next wave of pain shot through him.

“Latonia Base, this is Hegira. Come in. Priority clearance Falcon, Delta. Come in Base. Damn you to hell!” the soldier shouted in desperation. “Somebody answer! Come in, Latonia!” The microphone dropped from his talons, clattering on the control panel before falling to the metal plated floor. The lieutenant slumped back into the chair, pressing a blood soaked rag to his shoulder. Staring out the view port he watched the star-filled blackness and wondered at the cruel turn fate had taken over the past few days.


Reader’s Favorite 5 Stars:

  • “…Hegira is a very well-written story that combines so many complex layers that I was thinking about it for days after I finished reading it.” – Renee Taylor
  • “Hegira is an incredible scientific world that Jim Cronin wrote eloquently. It is full of danger and adventure, as well as suspense and scientific discoveries that will blow your mind.” – JJ Phillips

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The wounded grendel charged. The hunting scythe missed its mark barely slicing the hairy beast’s shoulder blade instead of smoothly gutting the creature. The man recovered his balance, twirled the curved blade, a grendel claw tipped and edged with sharpened metal and attached to a long handle, and turned to face his prey again. Sunlight flickered through the green canopy of the forest, highlighting the blood flowing from the wound. Howling in rage the great black brute snapped at everything in its reach. Branches shattered in the massive jaws that ripped them from the trees. The beast’s monstrous curved claws tore at the ground leaving long deep trenches in its wake. Rising on its haunches, the creature stood to its full eight-foot height and roared a deafening bellow.

The two men back among the trees watched the incredible display of power and rage, circling around for the opportunity at another clear shot. The grendel’s shaggy dark head swung from side-to-side, stopping to face the enemy as they stepped into the narrow trail to the watering hole, and attacked. The beast attacked the men before they could raise their weapons.


Welcome to my blog, Jim. Let’s get started.

  1. What genre do you write or do you write more than one?

I write science fiction.

  1. Why did you choose this genre?

There are several reasons for my interest in scifi. First of all, I have been a science geek since the fourth grade. I love anything and everything science. I even spent thirty-five years as a middle school science teacher. Science fiction offers an intriguing view of science and how it can be either the great hope, or disaster of the future. I prefer the more optimistic visions of the future, but the dystopian views are also fun to read.

  1. What is your latest book?

I have two books about to be released. Recusant, Book Two of The Brin Chronicles is the sequel to my debut novel, Hegira. It is the story of how the Brin, a race saved from extinction through cloning, time travel, and political intrigue, has come to thrive on their new home world. But this has come at a great price. A descendant of the main characters in Hegira has stumbled across a terrible secret and travesty perpetrated by the powerful mining guild. He must risk life and limb to undo the damage and save an entire race of humans thought to be extinct.

My second book is actually an anthology of short stories I contributed to. Project 9 vol.2 will be released in September. My contribution is a fun little story of a science teacher who uses his dreams to help explain scientific concepts to his students. Unfortunately, his dreams turn out to be accidental intrusions on beings from another dimension, who are not happy about it.

  1. When will they release?

Recusant will be released August 23, and Project 9 will be released in mid September.

  1. Who is your target audience?

Anyone who enjoys not only science fiction, but a good story, is my target. I learned from many reviews and other feedback that Hegira is a story enjoyed by lovers of science fiction, as well as many who do not normally like the genre. I hope to continue this attraction in the rest of the series.

  1. What do you hope they learn from/like about your work?

I mainly hope that people enjoy the adventure of the stories, and the positive outlook on what the future may hold. As with much scifi, I tried to use my novels as a vehicle to discuss current social/political situations, and provide a more optimistic outlook on the future.

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a semi-retired science teacher still dabbling in science education by working part-time as an educator/performer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I’ve been married to the love of my life for thirty-eight years. And I’m the proud father of two wonderful young men, father-in-law to two incredible young women, and grandfather of a beautiful granddaughter, with more on the way. I live in a small town south of Denver, Colorado and love to ride my bike, fly fish, and hike in the mountains.

  1. Do you belong to a writing circle/group?

I do belong to a writer’s group, but I have not been able to participate in their writing circles yet. Life is too busy right now. I hope soon, though.

  1. Do you have any new stories on the go?

I am slowly working on one idea for a Y.A. scifi novel, Justin vs the Evil Librarians. I am turning my wife’s library into a base for aliens intent on taking over the earth through our obsession with technology.

Thanks for joining me today, Jim. Here are the contact links for Jim:



Twitter: @authorjimcronin



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