Girl Friends - coverNothing is working out for Courtney, and even Grace, her beautiful best friend has no time for her now she has a boyfriend who has promised to get her a modelling contract. Courtney senses something is wrong—what is Grace getting herself into? And can Courtney and her new found friends rescue Grace before it is too late? It is a race against time…

Format: Kindle Edition

What happens when teen-aged Courtney has to be the adult in her family of two very young sisters and an alcohol addled mother? Then what happens when she must also save her best friend from an abusive boyfriend? How does Courtney keep her dreams of going on to college when she’s faced with dire prospects and told there is no future for her by her own mother? There are no easy answers for this insightful-beyond-her years girl.

Ms. Egrot’s characters have very human flaws and with personal demons of his/her own to overcome. There are no villains and no heroes in this story. The book lends itself well for further group study.

I’d like to welcome Indie Author, Margaret Egrot to this page. Let’s get started.

Margaret Egrot

  1. What genre do you write or do you write more than one?

My two published novels (And Alex Still Has Acne (2015) and Girl Friends (2016) are for teenagers. Most of my short stories are for adults, though some could be described as ‘crossover’ stories that young adults would also enjoy.

  1. Why did you choose this genre?

Both novels started out in different places from where they ended up. And Alex Still Has Acne was a play in which the mother of Alex’s friend, Sam, was the central character. But I found her a bit boring, and I enjoyed the interaction between the two boys much more. So I gave Alex a sister and concentrated on their stories. Girl Friends was initially a book for adults, and the central character was a middle aged mother (a bit like me). Again I got stuck, found the teenage Courtney and her doings more interesting, and a YA novel was born.

  1. What is your latest book?

Girl Friends was published in May this year, and I am working on promoting it at the moment. It is intended for teenagers, mainly girls over the age of 13. It is garnering quite a bit of interest from older readers however (teachers, and social workers included) because of its subject matter.

  1. What do you hope they learn from/like about your work?

The story concerns the friendship between two girls, Courtney and Grace, who have been born and brought up without any of the advantages many of us take for granted. Their friendship gets tested with the usual trials of teenage life (boyfriends and school work included), and I hope that readers will enjoy the humour and pluckiness of the girls, and want things to work out for them. What they may also learn – and why teachers etc. are showing an interest – is how Courtney comes to understand that Grace is not ‘lucky’ to be beautiful and to have an older, richer boyfriend. In fact she has become a potential victim of exploitation / sex trafficking. All the signs are there, but it takes another, older, girl (Hannah) to join up the dots. And then it’s a race against time to find and rescue Grace.

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I spent most of my adult life working with offenders and victims of crime, and in safeguarding vulnerable children. These days I sit on a couple of charity Boards (one to do with family assessment and child protection, and one to do with services for the elderly). When not writing I swim, take my dog for walks, read, and go to the theatre.

  1. Do you belong to a writing circle/group?

I have been a member of the Coventry Writers’ Group for several years. I found the advice and support from the published authors in the group invaluable. Now, occasionally, I can offer new-comers, the odd bit of advice mysel

  1. Do you have any new stories on the go?

I have a short play being produced at a local literary festival in September, so I am working with the cast to sharpen some of the dialogue, and get the stage directions right.

I am also working on a series of short stories about female characters in Shakespeare’s plays. When I have a dozen or more I hope to put them altogether in an anthology. Meanwhile my publisher, Solstice, has been kind enough to publish a number of them in several of their anthologies over the last couple of years. These include Journey to the Fair Mountain

(Gertrude, Hamlet), Chains of Magic (Desdemona, Othello), A Midsummer Day’s Dream (Hermia), and The Ghost Queen (Hermione, The Winter’s Tale). The Ghost Queen is due to be published in an anthology (Realms of Fantastic Stories, Volume 1) in September.

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