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Cover pageThe world is changing. Monotheism is rolling across the world like a wave, driving the old gods into hiding; their followers converting the world by fire and sword.

Nathanial, an angel of vengeance and fire has been appointed the lord of Hell’s Gate, the angel in charge of the judges who weigh those souls in doubt, but he’s not convinced that he is right for the job. Nathanial abandons his newly appointed post, preferring to walk the earth as a mortal instead. He meets Iya, the priestess of a dying religion and falls in love. Semiazas, another angelic judge, steps into Nathanial’s place. He revels in power and longs for recognition and the souls he judges suffer as a result. As punishment for his lack of empathy and his lust for power, the Archangels strip him of his wings and send him to earth hoping he will find his compassion. The demons Asmoday and Mammon see this as their chance to gain control of the lord of Hell’s Gate and jump in to meddle with their lives. Though they seek the same end, their demonic natures keep them at odds even as they work to ensnare the wayward angels. Two angels. Two mortal lives. Two demons vying for control of the master of Hell’s Gate and a world in flux. Heaven, hell and the mortal realms between will never be the same.


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I just finished reading First of the Fallen.It was very exciting, couldn’t stop reading it until I finished it.Excellent writer.I can’t wait to read more from this author. Laura Klinge

Welcome to my blog, Rebecca. Let’s get started.

         What genre do you write or do you write more than one?

I have a high fantasy trilogy that’s appropriate for everyone to read. I also write paranormal romance/urban fantasy. It’s my angels in Chicago series, though we’ve branched out from Chi town in the last book.

        Why did you choose this genre?

As for fantasy—it’s what I grew up reading. My dad and I would swap books back and forth when I was young.

The urban fantasy/paranormal? Well, I’ve always loved the idea of the unusual or fantastic hidden in the everyday life. You know, that thought that we would be able to see all these mythical creatures or pathways if we only know how to look.

       What is your latest book?

FIRST OF THE FALLEN is my latest book out of the 6 books I have that Solstice has published. It’s the next story in my Ascended Angels series.

      When did it release?

April 2, 2016

      Who is your target audience?

Anyone who loves fantasy with some romance tossed in.

      What do you hope they learn from/like about your work?

I hope readers love my characters. I try and create characters who are real and relatable. Even, and sometimes even more importantly, the minor characters are really human since a lot of my main characters are so otherworldly.

      Tell us a bit about yourself?

Like with most writers, I’m an avid reader. However, since I’ve been teaching 8th grade for almost 20 years I’ve come to love young adult literature. Ironically, I’ve never tried writing YA. I have a daughter, a spoiled old beagle and I married my high school prom date. So, I’m a little on the boring side and that’s alright. I’ll save the crazy adventures for my characters. I was the 2014 Solstice Author of the Year and my fantasy book THE SHATTERED PRISM was an bestseller in Coming of Age Fantasy.

      Do you belong to a writing circle/group?

I do not. I used to, but people moved away and it kind of fell apart.

      Do you have any new stories on the go?

I’m working on the next FALLEN story called FLAMES OF THE FALLEN. I had hoped that it would have been done by now since it was supposed to be a novella, but I had an idea on a twist and I think it’ll be a grown up book by the time I’m done with it. So, it’s taking longer than I thought it would to write. I try and get a book out a year, and possibly a short story or novella. I’m not very good at writing short, though.

Thanks for being with us today, Rebecca. Find Rebecca’s books at:  Amazon



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