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When sixteen-year-old Jack’s home town is burned down and his family killed his only chance of survival is to travel through a dangerous device called “The Mouth” that opens doors into other worlds.

He must do the impossible – find the world that gave his enemies their extraordinary power and travel to a mythical place known simply as “The Maximum.”

The Mouth is a gritty science-fantasy adventure story about hope, resolve and finding the courage to carry on fighting even when all seems lost.




Welcome to my blog, Henry.

  1. What genre do you write or do you write more than one?

I mainly write science fiction and fantasy.

      2. Why did you choose this genre?

I  think it chose me! W hen I’m writing I’m not too constrained by thinking I’m working  in a specific genre. I don’t consider genre when I buy a book -I ask, “would I enjoy reading it?”  Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is a supernatural fantasy story but that doesn’t make it any less profound. Sci fi is as good a place as any to explore life.

     3. What is your latest book?

“The Mouth” is my first novel. I’m very excited it’s being published.

    4. When will it release?

It released on 1st September, 2016.

     5. Who is your target audience?

Everyone!  I hope it appeals to adults and young adults who enjoy adventure.

     6. What do you hope your readers learn from/like about your work?4. 

I think any art, no matter how humble, has to be about something or it won’t  engage the reader. “The Mouth” explores issues like the effects of trauma and the misuse of science. Ultimately though I hope it works as an entertaining adventure story.

     7. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m an English graduate and former journalist. I’ve always wanted to write fiction. I had cancer recently, from which I’m now in complete remission, and it spurred me into action..

     8. Do you belong to a writing circle/group?

I correspond with quite a few writers online.

     9. If so, what do you like about being in the group?

I like the camaraderie and sharing experiences.

     10. Do you have any new stories on the go?

I’m currently a few thousand words into an urban fantasy about dark secrets in a strange town.

Thanks for being here today, Henry. Good luck with your launch.


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